Mystic Lanterns Velvet Cushion


Introducing the “Mystic Lanterns Velvet Cushion,” a masterpiece of design that marries traditional Japanese aesthetics with contemporary elegance. This exquisite cushion features a plush bordeaux-plum velvet base, evoking a sense of warmth and luxury.

Central to its design is a striking black satin panel, bordered on both sides by slender gold stripes, adding a regal touch to its appearance. Embroidered upon the black satin are delicate, traditional Japanese lanterns, their intricate details shimmering subtly in gold, bringing a piece of the serene and mystical atmosphere of Japanese festivals into your home. The “Mystic Lanterns Velvet Cushion” is a unique blend of cultural beauty and modern sophistication, making it a captivating addition to any room.

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Front: 60% cotton 40% synthetic

Removable filling cushion: 50% feather, 50% holofiber, class A

Country of Origin: Israel Removable filling cushion

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60*40 cm, 30*45 cm