Luxury Bedding Set “Kyoto’s Golden Whisper”


“Kyoto’s Golden Whisper” is an exquisite bedding set that embodies the delicate balance between traditional elegance and contemporary luxury, meticulously woven from the finest Egyptian cotton sateen known for its high-density and sumptuous softness. The set includes two pillowcases and a duvet cover, each piece presenting a serene and sophisticated aesthetic. The base of pure white acts as a canvas, bringing to life the subtle yet striking adornments.

Elegantly encircling the edges of both the pillowcases and the duvet cover are two stripes – one in a thin line of lustrous gold and the other a bold black, each meticulously measured at 1 cm in width. This contrasting design element encapsulates a blend of simplicity and opulence, framing the bedding in an aura of refined grandeur.

At the lower corners of the set, an elaborate embroidery of flowers unfolds, resembling the intricate details of traditional Japanese ornamental art or the graceful flow of a ceremonial dress, rendered in a gentle beige hue. This embroidery subtly extends around the edges, acting as a delicate border that adds depth and an element of intricate beauty to the overall design.

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Composition: 100% Egyptian Cotton Sateen, 500 tc

Set includes: 2 Pillow Cases and 1 Duvet Cover

Washing instruction: Wash at a low temperature up to 30 degrees Celsius, do not tumble dry. Air dry only in a shadow, do not bleach/ do not wash the pillow itself. Spin drain 600

Additional information

2 Pillowcases

40*80 cm, 50*60 cm, 50*70 cm, 50*90 cm, 65*65 cm, 80*80 cm

Duvet cover

135*200 cm, 140*200 cm, 150*200 cm, 150*210 cm, 155*220 cm, 160*210 cm, 200*200 cm, 200*220 cm, 220*220 cm, 240*220 cm, 220*260 cm, 240*260 cm