Women’s Bathrobe “My wife”


This white embroidered bathrobe is the ultimate “husband and wife” gift. For a romantic gesture or just to make one of your engaged friend happy. This item includes only “My Wife” version.

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Slipping into a women’s bathrobe and sipping from a piping hot cup of tea or coffee on a Sunday morning can be a pleasurable experience. Or wrapping around a robe after an invigorating bath and enjoying a romantic flick or a whodunit is equally delightful. It does not bear the emphasis that draping around a soft and plush bathrobe after a cool shower is one of the best ways to de-stress.

The finest women’s robes go a long way in keeping you in the lap of luxury for hours on end. If you want to kick-start your day with a flourish as well as unwind after an exhausting day at work then go for a women’s bathrobe from White Spring. White Spring’s white women’s robes embroidered with the words “My Wife” stitched from cotton and polyester blend is incredibly soft, feathery, plush, and breathable.

Taking inspiration from the Japanese kimono our women’s robes are all the rage in Israel and becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes, and embroidered with golden letters, this women’s bathrobe serves as a layer of warmth and comfortableness. Envelop yourself in coziness with our fluffy woman’s bathrobe after stepping out of the shower and relax by watching TV or lounging.

Distinctive Features of White Spring’s Women’s Robes

After looking at the different images make yourself familiar with the distinctive features of women’s robes promoted by White Spring:-

A judicious blend of polyester and cotton

All our women’s robes are sewn from a blend of 40% cotton and 60% polyester. The cotton material keeps the robe soft, durable, and breathable while the polyester fabric makes it abrasion-resistant, moisture-wicking, and prevents wrinkles. Talking about bathrobes, especially women’s robes, the aspect of comfort is extremely crucial.

Bathrobes and housecoats are usually stitched out of soft fluffy fabrics such as cotton, satin, and terry cotton that help in absorbing moisture quickly for drying the body. At the same time, the materials impart a hearty feeling of comfortableness without weighing you down.


Composition: 60% Polyester , 40% Cotton

Washing instruction: Machine wash until 40 degrees Celsius, do not bleach, Dry in medium hit, do not iron.

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