“Sky Petal Elegance” Pillow


Introducing the “Sky Petal Elegance” Pillow, a unique addition to our “Summer Breeze Garden” collection. This enchanting pillow, in a soft sky blue, features a delicate floral embroidery, evoking the serene beauty of a summer garden under a clear blue sky.

The meticulous embroidery is a celebration of florals, with each flower elegantly represented, creating a vibrant and picturesque scene. This focus on floral details captures the essence of a blooming garden, bringing a piece of nature’s splendor into your baby’s nursery.

Sized at a comfortable 25×35 cm, the “Sky Petal Elegance” Pillow is perfectly proportioned for a baby’s crib, providing an ideal decorative touch without overwhelming the space. Made from high-quality, baby-safe materials, it offers a soft and gentle texture, ensuring comfort and safety for your little one.

Whether accompanying our “Summer Breeze Garden” set or standing alone as a statement piece, this pillow adds a touch of sophistication and tranquility to your nursery. It’s an ideal choice for parents who seek to create an inviting, stylish, and safe sleeping environment for their baby.

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Composition: Front: 63% Cotton, 37% Linen

Filling: 50% feather 50% holofiber class A

Pillow filler included

Machine wash 30 degree centigrade, don’t spin-dry.

Ironing at low temperature only on back of the cloth. May also be dry-cleaned.

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25*35 cm