Oversize Pillowcase “Azure Flutter Cushions”


Complete your bedding experience with our matching oversized throw pillows adorned with enchanting blue butterflies. These elegant cushions, designed to complement the ‘Azure Blossom‘ bedding set, feature a larger size for added comfort and style. The delicate blue butterflies gracefully embroidered on each pillow create a seamless and luxurious look, enhancing the overall charm of your bedroom. Elevate your relaxation with these exquisite oversized pillows that add a touch of nature-inspired elegance to your sleep sanctuary.

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Composition: 100% Egyptian Cotton Sateen, 500 tc

Washing instruction: Wash at a low temperature up to 30 degrees Celsius, do not tumble dry. Air dry only in a shadow, do not bleach/ do not wash the pillow itself. Spin drain 600

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45*45, 50*50 cm, 55*55 cm, 60*100 cm, 60*110 cm, 60*60 cm, 60*80 cm, 60*90 cm, 65*65 cm, 70*70 cm