myBoo Lamp


This friendly ghost called myBOO will chase away all evil ghosts!
Activating the ghost hunter ‘myBOO’ is simple: as a parent, you press the on and off button for two seconds. Then the friendly ghost chases bad ghosts in different phases and light colors from red (danger) over blue (good ghosts are spared) to green (safe!) Of one minute each. Children who want to speed up that process can do so by gently tapping the ghost. After ghost hunting, ‘myBOO’ will give white light for another ten minutes. Then it dims and it is time to sleep. ‘myBOO’ not only ensures a safe feeling, but also stimulates positive contact between parent and child (and a good night’s sleep for both ?). If you want to charge ‘myBOO’, you can do this via the supplied USB cable.

myBOO originated from a collaboration between Atelier Pierre and the Belgian My Machine: an organization that gives pupils worldwide the opportunity to participate in a unique ‘maker trajectory’ in which they are guided in the creative development from an idea to a prototype. The methodology is unique: children in primary school come up with a dream machine, which is then translated into a concept together with students of higher education, in order to be effectively converted into a functioning prototype together with students from technical secondary education.
Atelier Pierre, in collaboration with a team of West Flemish schools, developed this prototype into this sweet and useful design object that chases away all scary ghosts …

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Size: 34cm x H50 cm
Material: PVC
Color: white