Case for Mezuzah «TZFAT»


The Mezuzah is a small sacred scroll made from the skin of a kosher animal. Here is the main part of a passage from the Torah, which tells the main commandments of God and the attitude of people to keeping God’s orders. The manuscript is kept in a special case, which is attached with a wooden plank to the doorframe of a Jewish family’s house.
The main purpose of such a product is to ensure the safety of Mezuzah from exposure to ultraviolet rays, moisture, rain and other environmental factors. The case for Mezuzah “TZFAT” is made of genuine high quality leather, and the end of the cylinder and the main letters “Shin” are cast from brass. The product is laser-engraved in the form of David Roytman’s signature ornament. This designer mezuzah case will emphasize the refined taste of the owners of the house and their respect for the scriptures.

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Material      Italian leather, Silver
The size      235×40mm
The weight      200g
Substrate material      Alder
Substrate size      210×40mm
Box size      Cardboard 270x55x55mm,
Alder /with brass /with stainless steel 275x70x70mm
Box weight      Cardboard 200g, Alder 408g,
Alder with brass 450g, Alder with stainless steel 400g

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Light Blue, Rose