Pillow “Baby Letter”


This  little pillow is the ultimate extra pillow you need for unique decoration.

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At White Spring, we go out of the way to handpick and update premium quality products that are extremely popular with our clients. Take our decorative pillows for instance, these pillows are small pillows having the child’s signal to decorate the room or a cot. Great for the child and certainly an exciting gift.

All our ornamental pillows including letter pillows have been made using a blend of good quality synthetic and latex materials. The decorative pillows and pillows with a letter have a squared- or rectangular profile and feature an eye-catching braided trimming. At the same time, the reinforced coating on the back makes the pillows resistant to abrasion and withstands rough handling.

Check out White Spring’s rich collection of letter pillows

Right now we are showcasing three different pillows with letter embellishments- “leaves with the letter”, “Bonne Nuit”, and “Sweet Dreams”. These letter pillows tend to be incredibly soft and silky, skin-friendly, and comfortable.

Pillow with letter features

Material: “Leaves with letter” decorative pillow. This pillow with a letter/velvet cushion has a striking velvet color guaranteed to accentuate the décor of your bedroom or living room. The pillow cover has been made from blended fabrics of which 97% is synthetic and 3% is latex. The filling comprises 50% feathers and 50% class ‘A’ holofiber.

Design: The pillow cover features superb and delicate craftsmanship characterized by superior texture, solid structure, and robust stitches making the cushion extremely durable. The gentle cream braided trimming together with the luxuriant velvet mantle adds a touch of flamboyance and splendor to your bedroom.

The exclusive floral pattern enclosing an intricately embroidered ‘B’ alphabet on the pillow cover highlights the elegance of the pillow. You can rest assured that this modern and chic letter pillow will go a long way in augmenting the overall ambiance of your living room or bedroom.

The pillow cover comes equipped with a very smooth and flexible zipper that easily enables you to remove or install the cushion insert.

Across-the-board usage: You can use our letter pillows as an adornment or beautification accessory in your patio, car, office, bedroom, or living room. You can place White Spring’s pillow with the letter on your bed, sofa, or divan. You can also gift this pillow to your near and dear ones on festive occasions such as Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving Day.

Washing instructions for White Spring letter pillows

Though these pillows do not call for a high level of maintenance, you should however take care to keep them dust-free. When putting them in the washing machine, ensure that the rinsing is done at a temperature not exceeding 30°C. Additionally, see to it that you do not spin-dry or tumble-dry the pillow covers and always iron them in an upturned or inverted position.

These pillows are great for gifting and decorating the room or the cot. Available in different colors, you can add a touch of elegance to the entire ambience of the room and make it look much more lively and colorful.



Composition: Front: 95% Synthetic, 5% Cotton

Filling: 50% feather 50% holofiber class A

Pillow filler included

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25X25 cm