Kippah «King David»


Kippah is not just an element of traditional national clothes it is an accessory with a much deeper meaningful content. This attribute symbolizes a man’s acceptance of the traditional values of Judaism and his wearing is often has a daily nature. Kippah should be chose correctly in order to harmoniously combine the traditional headdress with clothes. The kippah “King David” is the brightest example of a combination of traditions and modern fashion. Made from a single flap of Italian leather it will not just fit into the everyday wardrobe but will complement it. The entire production process based on the master’s handmade work. Laser engraving brand name on the kippah gives it an exquisite charm. The kippah “King David” perfectly transfers traditions to the modern world and its appearance does not create contrast. This solution is well suited for event and for everyday life.

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Wearing a ‘kippah’ or ‘kippot’ which is a type of skullcap, is a long-established and time-honored Jewish tradition. White Spring is a leading supplier of luxury kippah that are skillfully woven by dexterous artisans and handicraftsmen. Our Kippah is stitched from 100% Italian leather, and ideal for everyday use and also for wearing during Yom Tov and Jewish holidays. It is available in light blue color and is handcrafted or rather hand-knitted skullcaps.

The kippot and Kippahs marketed by White Spring are extensively popular not only in Israel but also in countries with a large expatriate Jewish population. Our gorgeous kippot are available in a range of sizes that will perfectly fit on the heads of most adults and kids. We believe Kippah isn’t only an element of traditional national cloth but an accessory that has a much deeper meaningful content. Symbolizing the man’s acceptance to the traditional value, wearing it regularly has to be a natural practice.

We have made our Kippah using Italian leather that is not just comfortable for daily wear but also complements whatever you are wearing. Each of them is handmade with a laser engraving of our brand name giving it an exquisite charm. It is our effort to offer this product to transfer traditions to the modern world and its appearance without contrasting. You may wear the kippah daily or at a special event, its made to suit almost every purpose and place.

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Kids 13 cm, Man 16 cm, New Born 10 cm