Embrace Whisper Blanket / שמיכה למיטת תינוק


The “Embrace Whisper” Blanket is a thoughtfully designed piece from our baby bedding collection, crafted to ensure both safety and comfort for your little one. This blanket features an innovative design where the filling is securely attached to the fabric, creating a safe, snug environment that prevents any shifting or bunching.

Made from soft, cozy materials, it wraps your baby in warmth and gentle comfort, perfectly complementing the nursery’s decor with its delicate aesthetic. The “Embrace Whisper” Blanket is an essential addition to your baby’s bedding, offering peace of mind and a soothing embrace for peaceful sleep.

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This blanket is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring both comfort and durability. Here’s a technical description of the blanket:

  • Material: Made from 100% cotton sateen, this blanket boasts a luxurious and smooth texture. Cotton sateen is a natural fabric known for its softness and sheen, providing a gentle touch against the skin.
  • Filling: The blanket is generously filled with high-quality hollow fiber. Hollow fiber is a lightweight synthetic material known for its exceptional insulating properties, making it ideal for keeping your baby warm and cozy.
  • Dimensions: The blanket measures a spacious 80*100 centimeters, providing ample coverage for your baby’s crib or bed.
  • Care Instructions: This blanket is designed for your convenience. It can be easily washed in a standard washing machine at a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. After washing, it is recommended to air dry the blanket outside. This washing and drying method helps maintain the quality and longevity of the blanket, ensuring that it continues to provide comfort and warmth for your little one.

With its premium materials and thoughtful design, this cotton satin blanket with hollow fiber filling is the perfect choice to keep your baby snug and stylish.

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80*100 cm