Duvet Cover “Blue Dream”


Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of the “Blue Dream” duvet cover, a true embodiment of elegance and serenity. This premium duvet cover is presented in a soothing blue fabric, reminiscent of the clear sky on a serene spring day. What sets this cover apart is its exquisite corner embroidery, featuring delicate sakura branches in a soft, milky hue. The intricate detail of the sakura embroidery adds a layer of sophistication and grace, bringing the serene and ephemeral beauty of cherry blossoms into your bedroom.

The cover is further enhanced with a subtle, milky-colored piping that elegantly frames the piece, creating a harmonious and refined look. The “Blue Dream” duvet cover is designed for those who appreciate the delicate balance between nature’s beauty and luxurious comfort. Its soft, breathable fabric ensures a comfortable and restful sleep, enveloping you in the gentle caress of sakura blossoms. This duvet cover is not just a bedding item; it’s an invitation to a peaceful slumber under a canopy of cherry blossoms, making every night a serene retreat into tranquility.

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Composition: 100% Egyptian Cotton Satin, 500 tc

Washing instruction: Wash at a low temperature up to 30 degrees Celsius, do not tumble dry. Air dry only in a shadow, do not bleach/ do not wash the pillow itself. Spin drain 600

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135*200 cm, 140*200 cm, 150*200 cm, 150*210 cm, 155*220 cm, 160*210 cm, 200*200 cm, 200*220 cm, 220*220 cm, 220*260 cm, 240*220 cm, 240*260 cm