Ruffle Crib Skirt


This elegant crib skirt is all handmade by 100% Egyptian cotton and 500 tc. This is a full skirt around the four crib angles and running fully up to the floor in elegant and decorative way.

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White Spring, a well-known Tel Aviv-based outlet dealing in linens offers their exclusive collection of Ruffle Crib Skirts. Their graceful and stylish ruffle crib skirt has been crafted with dexterous hands and nimble fingers from 100% pure Egyptian cotton.

Stitched from high-quality Egyptian cotton fabric having a ‘thread count’ of 500 regarded as ‘luxury’ fabrics, our crib skirts are very gentle. The exceptionally high density of threads in each square inch of the crib skirt is a clear indicator of the cloth’s superfine texture. The higher the thread count (TC) the better the quality of the fabric and our ruffle crib skirt with the highest TC simply oozes lavishness and comfort.

However, it is not only because of the inordinately high thread count that makes our crib skirts so luxurious and cozy. Other factors or features that play a role in making White Spring’s crib skirt comfortable and plush are:-

  • The best grade of Egyptian cotton
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing technique
  • Natural pigments used for coloring the fabric
  • Premium quality stitching and weaving coupled with a meticulous finishing process

At White Spring, we’ve been marketing and promoting crib skirts for many years now and you can rest assure that this ruffle crib skirt will last. You can easily identify our crib skirt by its large size effortlessly fitting around the four posts of the baby’s cot. On the other hand, this crib skirt extends up to the ground level or floor that makes your little one’s bassinet elegant.

You can choose ruffle skirts for your baby’s cradle from distinct sizes-60 x 120, 63 x 127, 66 x 127, and 70 x 140-and place your order on our site. It does not take much to take good care of White Spring’s crib skirt; simply machine washes in cold and with same colored clothes. Tumble-dry and iron the fabric in low heat.


Color: White

Composition: Front:100% Egyptian Cotton Satin, 500 tc

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60*120, 63*127, 66*127, 70*140