Crib Bumper “Vintage Blush” / מגן ראש ״ וינטג׳״


The “Vintage Blush” Crib Bumper, designed for elegance and functionality, is meticulously structured into three equal parts. This innovative design includes a central section that shields the baby’s head and two side pieces that stretch as wide as the crib, offering comprehensive protection.

Unique to this bumper is its construction with internal cushioning enclosed by zippers at the bottom, allowing for easy removal and washing without compromising shape.

The bumper attaches securely to the crib with ties, ensuring safety and stability. Standard sets cover half the crib for targeted protection, with an option to order a full-surround version for all-around safety by selecting the full-size dimensions. This feature ensures adaptability and convenience for parents, maintaining the “Vintage Blush” Crib Bumper’s beauty and practicality.

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Material: 100% Egyptian cotton sateen

Wash duvet, bed sheet, and crib bumper cover at 30 degrees Celsius .

Do not tumble dry.

Air dry in the shadow.

Do not Bleach itself.

Spin drain 600.

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60*120*60*120 cm, 60*60*60 cm, 63*129*63*129 cm, 63*63*63 cm, 66*127*66*127 cm, 66*66*66 cm, 70*140*70*140 cm, 70*70*70 cm