Changing Mat “Rocking Horse”


Behold a vision of sheer elegance and comfort with this luxurious baby changing mat, a masterpiece of nursery design. Crafted from the softest, highest-quality 100% cotton sateen, delicate pink, evoking a sense of calm and warmth. At the centerpiece of this exquisite mat is a charmingly embroidered rocking horse, each stitch a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, symbolizing the joy and innocence of childhood.

The fabric of the mat feels like a gentle caress against the skin, promising not only exceptional comfort for your little one but also a touch of opulence to your nursery decor. Safety is seamlessly integrated into its design with raised, half-circle sponges at both ends. These carefully positioned sponges ensure your baby’s security, cradling them gently and preventing any side rolling.

Central to this mat’s exceptional functionality is a waterproof and antibacterial mattress, offering unparalleled protection against spills and ensuring a hygienic surface for your baby at all times. The practicality extends to the easily removable and machine-washable mattress cover, making upkeep a breeze for busy parents.

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  • Material: Cover made from 100% cotton sateen.
  • Inner Mattress: Durable, waterproof


  • Cleaning: Cover is removable and machine washable at 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Dimensions: Available in various sizes, selectable as per options on the website.

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110*55 cm, 110*58 cm, 120*55 cm, 120*58 cm, 98*55 cm, 98*58 cm