Blue Foliage Elegance Twin Cushion Set


Presenting the ‘Blue Foliage Elegance Cushion Set’, a delightful pair of outdoor cushions that bring a harmonious blend of nature and style to your outdoor living spaces. Each cushion in this duo features a pure white base gracefully adorned with intricate blue flowers, creating an air of calm and elegance. The deep blue trim on both cushions perfectly matches the floral design, unifying the set with a sophisticated touch. Ideal for couples or coordinated seating areas, these cushions are perfect for adding a synchronized and stylish look to any garden, patio, or poolside setting. Their beauty lies in the symmetry and complementing patterns, making them not just functional but also a visually appealing addition to your outdoor decor.

Additionally, these pillows boast excellent color fastness, so the vibrant hues remain as vivid as ever even after prolonged exposure to sunlight. They are also mould-resistant, which is essential for outdoor conditions, preventing the growth of mould and mildew in damp environments. Not only are these pillows durable, but they are also easy to clean, ensuring they remain a hassle-free addition to your outdoor space.

With these qualities, our outdoor pillows offer both style and practicality, making them the ideal choice for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance and comfort to their outdoor living areas.

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Composition: 100% Acrylic

Filling: 100% holofiber class A.

Country of Origin: Israel Removable filling cushion Zip

Washing Instruction: Wash at a low temperature up to 30 degrees Celsius, do not tumble dry. Air dry only in a shadow, do not bleach/ do not wash the pillow itself. Spin drain 600

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45*45 cm, 50*50 cm, 55*55 cm, 60*60 cm