White Spring House was founded by Talia Rosen and Angela Ida. Two young inspiring professionals, who had a strong creative vision to launch a distinctive luxury range of elegant, timeless but yet modern, chic and comfortable bed linens for new borns. When a newborn arrives to this world, parents want to offer the most comfortable and high quality pieces for their child, ones that will accompany them throughout their growth and will remain flawless even years after.

     White Spring’s debut collection started with costume made beddings for babies and gained enormous success and recognition around the world.

    Its unique design and luxurious detail attracted loyal customers that could appreciate the difference with other options in today’s market.

     Their flagship store and design studio are naturally located at the most luxurious street in Israel, Kikar Hamedina, their store is located among the most sought-after brands: Dior, Hermes, Brunello Cucinelli, Gucci, Saint Laurent, Dolce Gabbana as well as a Contemporary art gallery.

     White offers a unique experience for each and every customer by getting to know their clients, their taste and needs. Creating a wide range of baby brit pillow to an embroidery 100% Egyptian cotton satin bedding sets. White spring’s brand portfolio offers an entire universe for your home: from diffusers, candles, dolls, towels and robes, yudaika gifts, swaddles, comfortable and addictive baby blankets, and small home accessories such as: Custom-made Hala Cover.



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